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Marlayne Whitlock

Marlayne enjoys working with individuals and couples as well as leading groups and workshops.

She is a Licensed Professional Counselor

(LPC # 008330) and can be contacted via

email: or

phone: 678.463.4009

Thoughts on Counseling

I believe that in today’s technologically driven world counseling can provide a safe place where our whole being can slow down to be present in the present moment. Through counseling, clients can explore their current life situation and begin to deal effectively with the circumstances they are facing.  I believe building a strong therapeutic relationship is foundational in the counseling process.


There is also a component of providing a space with freedom to explore oneself with grace and acceptance. This space is a rare gift in our fast-paced culture. Counseling can provide tools for change, but more importantly, it can be a springboard to begin identifying some of the contributing factors that have led to the current situation.


I have worked with many clients where counseling has become a place of hope and healing because they desired growth in their lives.  


It would be a privilege to walk alongside you on life’s journey.

Nick Hersey

Nick enjoys working with families, couples & individuals and offers a variety of workshops on stress management, family dynamics and relationships.  He is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT # 001493) and 

Licensed Professional Counselor

(LPC # 009382) and is reachable via

email: or

phone: 404.977.8814

With the growing decline of relationships today Nick strives to help couples develop a healthy foundation to experience their lives in the fullest.  As a Gottman Level 2 Certified Therapist he enjoys the opportunity to be a part of the healing process for couples and utilizes empirically validated techniques to rebuild and solidify their relationships.  Among the many different focuses of his couples’ work include:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skills

  • Affair Recovery

  • Pornography

  • Trust

  • Security

As a Prepare / Enrich certified therapist, he also works with premarital couples to help them begin their lifelong relationship with a healthy start by working with them to develop a variety of healthy communication and conflict resolution skills.


In addition to relationship dynamics Nick also works with clients through a variety of challenges including stress management, anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, pornography addictions, shame, and anger management.  

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